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Housing gallery

What about living tomorrow in a CUBIK-HOME house?

Endless possibilities to suit all life styles and meet all needs

This gallery gives you an idea of the wide range of possibilities with concrete modular housing, through various uses. The modules can be assembled to create the best scalable architecture, with varied visual styles and custom-made fitting-out.

From 20m² (additional rooms, offices, holiday house) up to 200m² or more (family house, 3-level buidings), with CUBIK-HOME you can easily make up the housing model that suits you.

Flat roof, double-pitched roof, terraced roof, extensive or intensive revegetation, solar panels… Outside walls painted or coated, wall cladding…

Customized indoor fitting-out : finishings, materials, decoration… all adapted to the wishes and life style of the future dwellers. Comfort, customization, look…

CUBIK-HOME is also an excellent solution for long-lasting and comfortable light leasure housing. Our Kabeen range was created for this purpose.

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